Mobile developer power toys review for Apple iPhone, Google Android, Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile, Blackberry, Nokia

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2010)

Mobile developer power toys review  for Apple iPhone, Google Android, Microsoft Windows  7 Mobile, Blackberry, Nokia

Ok. I spent the entire yesterday downloading all the different mobile platform software development kits and emulators out there. This topic will be described from a Chief Technology Officer’s point of view on these mobile platforms. This would be very critical for the successful continuity of these vendors in the world as handset manufacturer or software vendor. I cannot stress the importance of why these companies need to get it together for the future of their business. The ones that get it will flourish, the ones that don’t will wither away no different than Palm, Netscape, and the like. It will always be in the hands of third party developers who will continue to make their mobile ecosystem worthy of the market to support. It is not about anything unique on their hardware handsets or mobile operating system. It is the third party development community that makes this happen. This is why the likes of Google Android and Apple iPhone are doing very well. Thank that third party to make that happen.

Let’s break it down for each major mobile platform. I am going to break down the losers first:


This will disappear before   you know it. Their choice of JavaScript for a mobile application development tool is plain old stupid. Dumb and even moronic. No one will develop with junk like JavaScript. It is pure hell. I do believe there are some other options but moving on. Also, forcing developers to register to download their SDK sucks. Also, presenting different emulators for each of their popular handsets does not evoke excitement or confidence for my set of developers to move forward on. RIM will easily become the next empire to fall no different than Nokia is experiencing. Also, what is what that 9700 emulator I cannot exit out of without resetting my computer. That was pure crap that RIM developed which did not leave me with any positive impressions. Good bye Blackberry, it was nice knowing you.


Sorry guys. You are a joke. With all these platform choices ranging from Mego or Symbian, I am already confused. Let alone all their handsets to configure my mobile apps for, I am not looking forward to developing with. I did not even try out your SDKs since the choice was to overwhelming and I was lost. All these new phones release makes the future of Nokia look more like a funeral than something rosy.

Next up, I will talk about my views of Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile, Google Android, or Apple iPhone.

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