Matlab scripts available to connect to Interactive Brokers API for market data

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2010)

Matlab scripts available to connect to Interactive Brokers API for market data

This tutorial once again explains how to connect to Interactive Broker’s API with TWS. There is also a blurb about setting up the account:

The setup for this is pretty straight-forward, and I will talk about that in a minute, but first a little bit about setting up an account. If you have $10,000 just sitting around, use it to fund a cash account at IB. There are plenty of perks that come with it. If you don’t have that kind of cash, but are a high school or college student or professor, set up a free paper-trading account through their Student Trading Lab program. This gives you full access to their trading platforms, API platforms, and historical data. These are some incredible perks which normally are not accessible to the general public until they set up an account and fund it with at least $10K. If you don’t have the cash, and you aren’t in school, sorry but you won’t be able to actually connect to IB. Don’t let that stop you from learning what to do when you do have the cash though.

There are plenty of scripts at this location to get you started. Don’t forget about Max’s video tutorial and his Matlab scripts to.


Between these two tutorials, I think it is enough to get you started. very quickly. Thanks to them including Rigsterr and the internet for all this!

Get those Matlab scripts at:

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