IPhone software update. Could Google Android or Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile Put a Stop to That?

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2010)

IPhone software update.

Could Google Android or Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile Put a Stop to That?

Ok. I spent the entire yesterday downloading all the different mobile platform software development kits and emulators out there. This topic will be described from a Chief Technology Officer’s point of view on these mobile platforms. This would be very critical for the successful continuity of these vendors in the world as handset manufacturer or software vendor. I cannot stress the importance of why these companies need to get it together for the future of their business. The ones that get it will flourish, the ones that don’t will wither away no different than Palm, Netscape, and the like. It will always be in the hands of third party developers who will continue to make their mobile ecosystem worthy of the market to support. It is not about anything unique on their hardware handsets or mobile operating system. It is the third party development community that makes this happen. This is why the likes of Google Android and Apple iPhone are doing very well. Thank that third party to make that happen.

Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile

This is pretty impressive. There was no registration to download the Mobile Tools but I had to download all this extra junk for XNA and game development including Xbox. Do I really need that extra crap to do Mobile development? Do note that you will need Visual Studio 2010 to start with this. It is pretty cool and very easy to set up with your first `Hello World` Windows Mobile App. I was impressed with the emulator as well but just includes. I really think this is a strong contender here especially with all the massive number of Window third party developers out there. I would think this will become Apple`s biggest threat!!

Google Android

I have been working with Google`s Web Toolkit for a while now. It is very different but there is a lot of cool innovation happening with Android. I have been blown away with Google`s services and tool applications you can download. A lot of the third party apps are kind of junior level as not a lot of third party development companies coming aboard yet. They are coming but it is not as impressive as either Blackberry or iPhone. As for the Android SDK, it is pretty solid with some cool tools including the emulator It enables you test your Java code against the different target versions of Android. Not lot simulators can do that. I also find it hogwash where these entire dumb iPhone developers claim that all these different manufacturers like Samsung or Motorola are dumbing down the quality of third party Android apps. I have had no compatibility issues with my relatively unknown Huwaei Android phone. That seems to be a myth really. Developing in Java is a smart move for those Eclipse Java guys out there.

Apple IPhone

I really like what Apple is delivering to the iPhone community I also really like this Xcode Interface Builder as I like to build apps visually is very appealing. The Objective C syntax looks decent but why do I really need to a learn new language to develop an iPhone app. Really Apple, are you that egoistical? Also, what is with the stupid decision to cut out all the Window and Linux developers; that is one really stupid move as well? All of the other SDKs listed were downloaded for Windows. That is cutting out a lot of third party developers. This is why I think there could be a downfall in the next few years. All it will take are the smart and very innovative Windows third part y developers to potentially bring some cool excitement to Microsoft’s Windows 7 Mobile platform. These reasons could be the nail that will close Apple’s coffin forever potentially if they do not drop this proprietary, closed culture they are promoting.

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