FPGA quant development event discussion in London. Dec 8 includes HSBC speaker

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2010)

FPGA quant development event discussion in London. Dec 8 includes HSBC speaker

STAC Benchmark Council meetings bring together the industry leaders who are building and using the latest high-performance solutions for trading. Come to hear leading ideas and exchange views with your peers.

STAC Update
Peter Lankford, Founder & Director, STAC.
Peter will review key developments related to STAC Benchmarks and STAC Test Harnesses.

STAC-M3 Working Group Update: Tick database benchmarks
Daniel Seal, Vice President, Equity Technology, Deutsche Bank.
STAC-M3 provides standard benchmarks for time-series database solutions. Dan will review the latest benchmark specifications and ways they are being put to use.

Panel Discussion: FPGA Realities
Oskar Mencer, CEO, Maxeler
John Oddie, CEO & CTO, Celoxica
David Buechner, VP, Business Development, Impulse Accelerated Technologies
A number of trading firms use FPGA-based systems today, and a good proportion of the rest plan to consider them. A growing number are even interested in developing for FPGA themselves. Our panelists address the trajectory of FPGA hardware, the current and potential packaged products that use FPGA, and the key issues in developing code for FPGA.

Innovation Roundup
Presenters confirmed so far are: Corvil, Endace, TS-Associates, cPacket Networks, Oregano Systems, Symmetricom, and TIBCO.

Q&A on time sync and latency monitoring
Feedback from the last London Summit indicated that people wanted to talk more about time synchronization and latency monitoring. So, by popular demand, experts will field questions from the Council on these topics.

Latency-optimized FIX
Mark Reece, Head of eTrading Solutions, HSBC.
FPL is just launching an initiative to create a more efficient format for FIX messages. Mark will give us the details.

Panel Discussion: Networks
Dr. David Riddoch, Chief Software Architect, Solarflare
Mark Akass, CTO, BT Global Banking & Financial Markets
Richard Croucher, Founder and Chief Architect, Informatix Solutions.
Technology and economics continue to change on both sides of the firewall, be it 10GbE, Infiniband, kernel byass, DWDM, or cross-border routing. Our panelists will offer their views on where these changes are headed.

To contribute to the agenda, please contact council@STACresearch.com.


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