Wind Mobile don’t care about their customers. Mobilicty offers $35/month unlimited data, global text, $200 Blackberry 9300

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2010)

Wind Mobile don’t care about their customers. I am now with Mobilicty for $35/month unlimited data, global text, $200 Blackberry 9300

First off, Wind Mobile sucks. I have been with them for only five weeks. I cannot use their network as I have three dropped calls in a span of fifteen minutes. It renders their network completely useless as I cannot carry any type of conversation at all. When I inquire with Wind’s customer service, I just get the run around of how they are new, apologies, blah blah. For the $52 per month I pay, I just want to use a phone to make a call. I wonder how 911 would feel if I had an urgent call and it kept dropping. I wonder how the Canadian Radio Television Commission would respond if someone died because of this crappy network on Wind. There would clearly be lawsuits as well. On top of that, Wind don’t care about their customers because I really think they would radically scale up their network here in Toronto. I have two local cell towers for Wind but I have six for Mobilicity.

Anyhow, I am now with Mobilicity. I also got a very wicked deal I would like to share I got through a local retailer. I paid $200 for a Blackberry brand new 9300. It came out in Sept so it is fairly recent. As for the service, I get the unlimited 24 hour talk, unlimited North American long distance, global texting, all the bells and whistles of voice services, and unlimited Blackberry Internet services. I am not a real fan of Blackberry but for only $35 per month, I thought this was a steal. I also keep my plan at this rate for ever. I also would like to mention there is no contract at all. The usual rate would be $75 per month.

So Wind. Go stick it up your pie hole and I can get better service with Mobilicity. Also, I do not work for Mobilicity at all. I just like people to get value for what they pay for. I am sure Wind knows nothing of that.

ATT Wind: I love your fake tweets of positive feels to bury negative ones like mine from ex disgruntled customers. You are a bad company with evil intentions. I hope the CRTC drops your cellular network license. Do us all a favour and go away.

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