Will Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod die a slow death since Xcode not Windows or Linux? Mac OSX only?

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2010)

Will Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod die a slow death since Xcode not Windows or Linux? Mac OSX only?

Think about it. All other competitive mobile platform is Java based. These include Google Android, even Blackberry and Nokia. As Microsoft is about to release Windows 7 Mobile, the smart handset mobile market will be fairly saturate probably within a year. The market leaders of momentum will be both Windows and Google’s mobile offerings. Both platforms have free integrated development environments which of course includes Eclipse and Windows Visual Studio. Both are free and available on mainstream operating system which of course includes Windows. Now, Xcode is only good for Mac OSX. Guess what? Not everyone uses a Mac. Linux is there but mostly Windows which of course is 85 % of the market. So what am I saying? Apple better get its ass into if it wants third party developers like me to be enticed develop third party apps for their IOS 4. I can already do Google Android for free since I am Windows. Apple has definitely put up a huge obstacle. My aren’t they a little proprietary.

Before you shred for supporting Windows, you need to explain to all the other huge amounts of third party Window developers out there. This is VEYR huge number. You insult, you insult them. That would be quite a bit you try to take down. If you are one of those ‘hipster’ developers, you need to think why Apple has such a low market share in the total desktop world.

I have been there when Apple was near its deathbed in the early eighties. I am sure you probably were still in your diapers who never saw a computer before. Apple thought their sh*t did not stink. Well we are there again as Steve Jobs tries to insult Android developers. I love Apple, Mac and Steve Jobs. I own 4 Macs but there approach to their future is wrong! They will lose momentum no different than RIM (Blackberry) and Nokia are facing. They ignored the third party developers but both Microsoft and Google address their needs. Apple does not. If it did, I would be able to download their Xcode with no hassles for both Windows and Linux. What stupid company would do that?

UH let’s see. Adobe comes to mind by charging be $600 for their Flash/Flex Builder products. Screw that. The momentum builds on Google and Windows mobile platforms.

This is your only option Windows users.


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