Where to get free historical data from online at Dukascopy?

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2010)

Where to get free historical data from online at Dukascopy?

This is no automated thought. Try Yahoo Finance.

You can get historical data for equities and some commodities from http://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/data_feed/csv_data_export/

well i just wrote a small java script to download it from within the platform

you can get a free demo and download the data there as well
but only forex
i dont like yahoo data…when it comes to data i only want real tick data….the best price smoothing is worthless when the input already is total crap
i build it myself

just some 20 lines of code
dukascopy has a nice api to work with their platform and data if you cant use fix api and you also can use this api to develop indicators or strategy to use with them or to download historical data
it would also be possible to feed live data from it to another software and you dont even need to run your strategy via their platform but can also connect to it like you would to fix api using your own custim build software
its just sth. like
for(int i=0;i<size.data_available;i++);{
and then write the data formatted to a file
the array you use to save the input before writing to a file should be multidimensional so you can format the data more easy
the site i sent you lately tickdata.com or sth. didnt look that good after a closer look…no tick data just 1 minute…you loose to much information in todays market not using real tick data…so i wouldnt pay for 1 minute data…you could as well use yahoo data and would have the same quality
seems to be really hard to get good data for a private trader….any insights on where the pros get it?
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