Surprise! Investors only put money into top HEDGE FUNDS not small or new

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2010)

Surprise! Investors only put money into top HEDGE FUNDS not small or new

You knew that right? It seems that an article was presented online but I thought I would post the usual highlights:

Hedge fund investors are giving strong preference to the biggest hedge funds in the industry rather than new and smaller hedge funds. Bridgewater Associates was the biggest winner in fundraising for the first half of 2010, raising $7.3 billion. Industry analysts conclude that investors favor large ($5 billion AUM and more), long-established funds that have a proven investment strategy which investors trust.

. Among firms that manage only $1 billion or more, half said their asset levels either dropped or stayed unchanged.

Investors, including pension funds, currently appear more inclined to put money with large, long-established funds whose investment approach and risk management systems they trust,

Boasting $51 billion of assets, Bridgewater Associates, a 35-year-old fund firm founded by Ray Dalio, again ranked as the largest U.S. hedge fund as well as the industry’s most popular, the magazine reported.

During the first half, the Westport, Connecticut-based firm took in $7.3 billion of new money, which boosted firm assets by nearly 17 percent. A year ago Bridgewater had $37 billion


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