Quant High Frequency Trading HFT FIX platform options review: Tickzoom, Marketcetera, Aptana

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2010)

Quant High Frequency Trading HFT FIX platform options review: Tickzoom, Marketcetera, Aptana

Here was question posted on Linked In:

I wish to work on or develop a FX Trading platform that connect to a broker’s FIX Server, main purpose is to have a sandbox that can backtest trading strategies and eventually trade live . I’ve looked into quickfix & quickfixj, which will take efforts to work on the OMS and EMS. I’ve look into Tradelink – these are all API, the broker server require FIX connection. TickZoom sounds interesting, but looks like costly as they targeting established hedge fund. Wish to hear from the experts and more experience members here have any suggestion for the FIX approach but low cost entry? Thanks.

Marketcetera came up:

Marketcetera could be a good choice, If the platform is used for FX trading does it require extra coding to add the adaptor or it can be obtained from Marketcetera?


I know they are using java & ruby for the strategy coding. What other choices do you have in mind which might help?

The CEP framework i thought should be based on Esper – which is open source? the strategyagent is a tool to run the strategy you have written, which could either be in Java or Ruby
CF Chai – The CEP framework that comes out of the box with marketcetera is Esper.
The output of the CEP framework can be fed into your java or ruby strategy.

But another option came up:

try using apama fx aggregation. it uses FIX and provides support for back testing.
visit www.progress.com/apama
The single paltform can trade(or algo trade) in Equity, F&O, debt, forex and commodity. It also provides support for market survellience and SOR.

Apama is FIX compliant with good capacity to implement strategy.

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