Prices and opinions on Algo trading prices for Indian market. RTS Tango is becoming standard

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2010)

Prices and opinions on Algo trading prices for Indian market. RTS Tango is becoming standard

This is from within a Linked In group. Monthly prices of different services include

Omnesys – 5K to 10K per ID depends upon No Of ID ( 3.5 Lac for Unlimited)
Greeksoft – 5K to 10K Per ID
NSE IT Algo Studio – 5 ID One lac per Year
RTS – Some one tell me – 60 – 75K per ID + some upfront cost.
Progress Apama – 1.0 to 2.5 Crore.
Xchanger – 5K to 10K + FT CTCL Cost

Great…….Money making companies they are.I personelly feel in future may be in coming two years we also get more player like —- ORC, streambase.Thats the Right Time to start demo in Indian market.

It seems the foreign player are charging 10 times then their Indian Counterparts.
I have heard that some players also take up some amount from the profit. Need to confirm.

Apama is priced as a perpetual license and not on a monthly or annual basis. Having said that Apama can be priced on a Annual basis as well. (this would be just for the benefit of customers here in India). Worldwide solutions such as these do not work on an annual basis, These solutions become the base and the knowledge store for an organization.

Secondly Progress Apama does not charge any amount from the profit or on the amount of trades done. It is based on the number of uses – users who would create custom algo’s who would execute the aglos and users who are just viewers.

On the point of pricing, there sure would be a difference between solutions that are engineered to perfection to execute your algos in ‘Real Time’ and solutions that one would buy for aesthetic purposes. This goes for all/every product that you see in the market today.

I guess you would appreciate that if there were ‘Money Making Strategies’ who would want to sell those? wouldn’t they use it for their own benefit? so looking at solutions with inbuilt ‘Strategies’ or companies that build strategies for another company would not be (is not) the right way to move forward.

Strategy is the knowledge base and the intellectual property of the company and should remain there. Solutions that give the flexibility to design and develop you own ‘custom strategy’ without the use of ‘software development’ is the way to go.

• Future is with RTS or Apama only

Guys, I am working in this field from last 3-4 years trust me nobody will sell you their own strategies, they can sell you the playground where you can plan/design/deploy your strategies, in technical terms all are OMS.

Apama is one of them, crap has its own language (monitor script) no debugging nonsense.

One more thing if you got any strategy you still need to fine tune periodically.

RTS RTD is one of the good application for algo trading and also I like Omnesys Backend platform (Linux Based), OMS designing is good but only some issue in Order execution due to realtime code compliation otherwise best solution as per Indian customers.
NSE IT Strategy Studio is also a good product but you can say it’s still in learning phase.
As per my observation, still India is in learning phase of AlgoTrading strategies so enjoy your opportunity time …. I recomand RTS Tango platform with NSE Co-location AlgoTrading servers with TBT broadcast…. Quant and Metlab strategies…

Nobody disclosed the RTS client but I can give you some clues.. AlgoTrading Brokers ( 2 Nos. Brokers – Dy), 3 Brokers are in Mumbai and 2 Brokers are in Delhi, these are Live and only approved for RTS RTD Application….
They have two applications 1. RTS RTD Spreader and 2. RTS Tango (Customize Algo Platform).
This algotrading application backend is BSD based – Linux/Unix/Sun Solaris so wonderful and stable application and as concern of speed… there is no doubt……
I used this application for NSE Exchange and that was wonderful experience…

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