My plan to get into 1 million plus quant jobs or consulting roles with technologies like C++, Matlab, .NET, Java, etc

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2010)

My plan to get into 1 million plus quant jobs or consulting roles with technologies like C++, Matlab, .NET, Java, etc

I have had interviews at Bank of Montreal, Bloomberg, Citi, Morgan Stanley. I have come to the realization that I don’t want to be employed right now by these companies. They limit your growth and earning potential if you get good. I plan to go the quant route but for sure in a self employed route. Also, I want to build my architecture skills with the KDB, SQL Server/Sybase with CEP, C++, Matlab, and .NET. I also need to get a solid understanding of something like QuantLib and QuantLibXL for understanding the front end to this infrastructure. I am sure there would be some Marketcetera in there as well to understand how a HFT system works with something like the Strategy Agent to execute trades. It also has the QuickFix to understand the FIX protocol. It helps to learn Java here as well as it is built in Java.

If you get the understanding of all these tools and technologies, you should then focus on the quant building models/strategies within Matlab. It is great at prototyping. The other open source tools like Octave/Scilab don’t have the ease of use and extensibility you get with Matlab’s toolboxes. I am unsure of the compatibility of Matlab’s toolboxes with Octave/Scilab. To get the high paying quant jobs, you need to really beef up your quant modelling skills within something like Matlab.

Once achieved, you should be able to demand a very high paying six figure or even seven figure jobs with a profit share if you have a high Sharpe ratio profit and loss. This could take years of experience. Remember, going on this path may limit if you don’t have a CFA, Masters, or PHD. I have neither so I doubt a company may hire me. But after reading a Bloomberg article about Goldman Sachs’ hiring process, they just want someone with enthusiasm and willing to work hard. They seem not to care about age or degrees so I guess I would have a shot. I am sure all of the above could take years to achieve.

Let’s also be realistic. I may never even achieve or just get $80K a year. Who knows right?

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