MathWorks Matlab seminars for Computational Finance throughout Europe

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2010)

MathWorks seminars for Computational Finance

Financial professionals worldwide use the interactive programming environment and prebuilt computational libraries of MATLAB® to develop and deploy efficient and robust financial applications in a fraction of the time it would take in other programming languages.

MathWorks is pleased to present a series of seminars taking place throughout Europe where you can find out how 2,500 financial organizations worldwide use MATLAB.

Speed up Computational Finance with MATLAB
12 October – Amsterdam

Come Together: MATLAB meets Finance
13 October – Frankfurt

Using MATLAB to Develop and Deploy Financial Models
14 October – Zurich

Attend this free MathWorks seminar and meet with MATLAB users in Finance and Insurance
15 October – Paris

Financial Risk Tools (Stress Testing) with MATLAB
19 October – Madrid

MATLAB for Computational Finance
20 October – Stockholm
21 October – Copenhagen
26 October – Oslo
27 October – Helsinki

MATLAB for Asset and Investment Management
25 November – London
Further details will be available shortly at www.mathworks.co.uk/seminars

Unable to participate in any of these events? Check out our live webinar Parallel Computing with MATLAB in Computational Finance

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