Is this the best Python resources for those getting into Quant?

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2010)

Is this the best Python resources for those getting into Quant?


I am looking at wanting to do a new front end. As an experienced Java developer, I am wanting to do it Python. There seems to be many Python framwworks like Django, Grok, and Pylons. It seems confusing as this is what confuses me about Java. At this point,  a m not interested in the PyUnit as I just want to build a quick and dirty front end in Python. What are the best recommendations for this? Which framework is best? I also want to have sections for submitting software, profiles, links, etc. Which framework has this?  Can I do it and configure right out of the box? My next challenge at this point will be using PyUnit to check it out in the Quant world. This could get interesting.

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