In David Letterman interview, Shia LaBeouf Reveals how he went from $20k to $620 prepping for Wall St Never Sleeps movie

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2010)

In David Letterman interview, Shia LaBeouf Reveals how he went from $20k to $620 prepping for Wall St Never Sleeps movie

In this David Letterman video, Shia LeBeouf reveals how he went from a small paltry $20K investment to over $620K in a very short period of time. He says he learned from the likes of George Soros and Jim Chanos. I am sure their direct henchmen taught him the tricks. Also, he got hooked of courtesy film producer Oliver Stone. Not bad for a young kid. He also says he earned this kind of return during the major upswing in the stock markets. Well, at least you know on national television, an actor would not lie about the potential on what you can make on Wall St. I say wow!

The point to take not is at 6:00 minute or 8 minute approximately. I am quite no one is not making a bigger deal of out this.

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