Here is a readers intelligent detailed view on how PGP works

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2010)

Here is a readers intelligent detailed view on how PGP works

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i agree with zimmerman 1005. I have stood on the shoulders of those who created greatness, but do not wish to suffer like tesla did. When you want to exchange Public Keys with a particular individual or group of individuals with whom you intend to exchange encrypted information, the best way to do this is to send it as an e-mail to whoever you want to have it.  Read what follows carefully, however, so you understand how PGP works.


Pardonmyearlier email. I thought that cashforlifetv.com wasascam outfit, but I somehow linked due to my research efforts. Very interesting. Could provide somemutual benefits. I support the empowerment of the small business entrepreneur but have a very low tolerance for stupidity (Day The Earth Stood Still – the original).

I = Multi-DisciplinaryFinancialSystemsEngineeringProjectManager w IntelligentInformationEngineering, Business Intelligence, ApplicationInfrastructureEnablement, SecurityAnalysis,  FinancialSystems Engineering, EnterpriseResourcePlanning&MiddlewareArchitectureexpertiseforvarious industrial sectors on various technical platforms. These = hardwareandsoftwareIamexperienced with.
IBM Z196-M80, Z10-EC, Z10-BC,  z900, z800, P550, P690, P770, P780, CBE, AMD64 Istanbul, Intel Nehalem, Z/OS R11, z/VM, AIX, SUSE Linux, Android, Win32/64, DB V10, IMS DB z/OS, UDB LUW 9.7, Sybase 15.0 ASE/RS/IQ,  Cloudscape, Derby, MySQL, Postgres
Systems, Utility, Monitoring and Performance Tuning
Z/Prime, Tivoli Omegamon XE (Parallel Sysplex, CICSPlex, IMSPlex,  MQ CC), ZOT, z/OS-EWLM, RMF, SMF, SAS, IFI, IBM Link, Health Checker, CFSizer, OSC, R, Codesleuth, Codeanalyst, SMP/E z/OS, SMIT, z/PDT, IBM DB2 MT, IMS DataBase Tools z/OS, FM DB2/IMS, BMC/CA Utilities, Neon Systems, RACF Security Server, DDF/DRDA, WASM, DFSMS/DFHSM, TSO/E, ISPF, DMS,  PDF, SDSF, SARS, FileAid, Endevor, Tivoli, AMD64 (BKDG10H, ACML, ACML-GPU, ADL-SDK,  Radeon-SDK, Tootle, OpenCL, X86OpenCompile, ATI Stream, ATI Profiler. GPU PerfStudio, CPEX12), OPL-CPLEX6.3, AIMMS, AMPL
Application Enablements
COBOL/LE, Metal-C, ABAP/4, J2EE, C++, Boost, STL, REXX, Clists, T/SQL, Ajax, Python, XML, FixML, FpML, MxML, FIX, XBRL, PMML, Ruby, Wine, ITIL, COBIT, CMMI, TOGAF, DODAF, TIA,  Matlab
Enterprise Application Integration/Business Integration
Websphere V7 (Websphere Application Developer, RAD/z, Portal Server, BPM/BRT,CDT/CDO, EMF, EPP, WID, Websphere Business Integration Financial Networks (WB-IFN), Websphere Front Office (WFO), Websphere ILOG, MQMI, Business Integration Message Broker (WBIMB), RSMB, SMQTT, Workflow,  Datapower, MQ Everyplace, Intercope-BOX, Enterprise Service Bus), Eclipse Blue Frameworks,) Archmate, SWIFT, Merva, AMQP, Streambase 6.5, Force10 Spring , Marketcetera, Tibco  (Spotfire, Rendezvous, BusinessWorks, SmartMapper, Adapters, Business Connect, BusinessPartner,  SubstationES), TransactionVision, New Era Open Networks (NEON), Holosofx BPM, SeeBeyond ICAN v5.0, Vitria BusinessWare, Content Manager On Demand, Siebel 7.5, Commerce Suite V5.1, SugarCRM, NetSuite,  PowerDesigner, DW Designer, OmniFind Analytics/Discovery, Entity Analytics Solutions, Pega, Toad, IronSpeed, SAS 9, BO, Cognos, Informatica, ArcGis, Gnave, AINS, R, S+
Thomson ILX, Thomson One, Workplace Client, PowerInvestor, VectorVest, X.eye, TC2000, CyberTrader, RiskMetrics, CreditMetrics, , CreditGrades, RiskGrades, eSignal, ValuePro, BigCharts, FinCAD (Developer, XL, Perfect Hedge), Summit Risk Management, First Treasury, Calypso Technology, Principia Partners, NumeriX FI Engine, Murex MX3, JMDB, Xpresso, Atlas, Autodoc Xpress, Optim Xpress, NxGrid, ODR/MxHibernate, Sunguard Alene, Sungard APT, Basel II/IBS Accord (TLC Risk Solutions Barracuda, Rockall Technologies SAM), Algorithmics, SAP Basel II/SEM, Fair Issac, Riskmanagement Concepts, Business Objects Methodware, QFTI, Raft International, DerSoft, KMV Portfolio Manager, Kamakura Risk Manager, CSFP Credit Risk, Credit Portfolio View, Consul. Risk Management), RisQ-Tools,  Qt-SDK, TSarbanes-Oxley Toolkit, Tradestation, Metastock, Expressway SmartRouting Toolkit, QuickFIXJ, CAFR, PPT, Marketcetera, OpenCalais, Wombat, RMDS, OpenTick, Bloomberg APIs, Opra, Rattle, Wall Street Systems, OpenQuant, Devon, Kondor, XRQAx, IBM Information Framework
ProjectManagerArchitectureDevelopment for FILTER financial data warehouse business intelligence modules (Customer relationship management, eCommerce, online learning, financial services, human resources, inventory, insurance, logistics/transport, purchasing, content management) using TIA, TOGAF/DODAF, UDB 9.7 LUW, DB2 Express, WAS, Eclipse, AMQP, Streambase, R, S+, C++, Java, Derby, SQLLite, Kondor, Android SDK, Apple iPhone SDK, RIMM SDK, and Nokia SDK. Managed SGEN applications generator for Smartphone environment (Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, RIMM). Designed all TCP echo, client, broadcast, server, utility and surveyor programs for High-Frequency Ultra-low Latency Trading). Architect for STARS (Superiorsecurities Targeting Analytics Riskmanagement Systems) modules according to TIA (Total Information Awareness) and TOGAF/DODAF discipline: (High-Frequency Performance Strategy Modeler (Order Distributions, Linear Econometrics, Volatility, TickData,  PP/CPP/RPP/ODR Market Microstructure Information, Information-Based Trading, Event Arbitrage, Portfolio Optimization,  Risk Management Execution), Critical Event Processing,  High-Frequency Trading Execution and Monitoring,  JLM-WON Post-Trade Profitability, Cost  and Post-Trade Performance Analysis for Virtual Balance Sheet/Profit/Loss). Processes. Designed Operations Simulation Analyzer for VaR /GARCH replacement (Credit, Market, Commodity, Currency, Interest, Merger, Procurement, Real Estate, Business Cycle). Architected LEARN-CIA Due Diligence Intelligence (Immediate, continuity, technical, analytical, internal, activated, counter intelligence) modeler and Investor Fraud Monitoring Systems. Architected Patent Research ROI/ROA  Modeler. Managed Wealth Management IAS, Basel II, MIFID, Governance, Insight compliance reporting systems. Enhanced FO Module performance modules (financial instruments configuration,  market data, simulation, e-tradepad and pricing templates, e-tradepad structured  trade builder, calculation chain configuration (pretrade sequences, distribution,  & communications module, global model, closedown) for high-frequency low-latency  applications; Enhanced market data contribution service (MDCS) and real-time bridging service (RTBS) real-time architecture, MX3 technical administration and performance management, MXML exchange module builds, MX3-RiskMetrics /CreditMetrics interfaces. Managed systems upgrade of Murex systems.
Designed Tier-7 DRM database recovery business continuity planning product; Implemented CRM Performance History Database consolidation of various systems parameters with DW Manager, Catalog Manager, Informatica, Trillium; Performed UDB V7.1 EEE/EE Datawarehouse Management Subsystems Configuration; Performed Systems Scalability release migrations/utility enhancements; Created API scripts for Zachman Data Warehouse Methodology infrastructures, Provided MDDB OLAP Query Optimization for BO, Microstategy, Siebel CRM,  Informatica products  Supported Financial Services Front and Back Office Middleware applications. Implemented WebSphere MQ standards/procedures for Parallel Sysplex applications; Designed TesterOne Middleware Oriented Architecture solutions for Websphere MQSeries z/OS & OS/390 task automation; SMP/E installations of Roma, MQSeries Command Center, Tibco, Patrol MQseries KMs, Transaction Vision, Workflow, Integrator, NEON products. Implemented strategic application architectures for MQSeries for z/OS, AIX, Solaris, Linux and Windows applications. Performed functional environment verifications of J2EE (COBOL w AMI, C++, JRE, JSP, EJB, JMS, JTA, JAF, JAXP, JAX-RPC, SAAJ, JAAS, JAXR, JMX, JDI, ANT, Struts; Shared Queues, MQEse, SSL Security, CICS Transaction Gateway Server; Developed WorkLoad Management (WLM) standards Developed 4-tier test infrastructure for ZOOM and ZOT MQSeries Shared Queues; Demonstrated limitations, restrictions and migration considerations for internally developed client database application programming interface upgrade. Reengineered financial instruments datawarehouse systems; Provided Data Warehouse VLDB Partitioning and Sysplex Workload Management Strategies; Created DB2 Testbed for Application SQL, Problem Resolution, SQL Enhancements, Stored Procedures Usage, Data Sharing, Query parallelism, and Batch Modeling processes; Created Data Warehouse Systems Management (Service Levels, Data Acquisition, Data Storage, Metadata, Data/User Security Model, Data Delivery) procedures for   financial data warehouse modules (Customer Operations, Branch Data Feeds, Customer Agreements, Central Processing, International Applications, International Card Management,   International Bank Settlements, Dividends Management, Foreign Currency, Precious Metals Payments, Central International Exchange, Customer Applications, Life Insurance, International Trader Security, International Portfolio Management, Funds Administration Planning, International Tax Information, Bonds Administration,  Security Processing, and Mergers & Acquisitions);  Solved indexing, subpage, clustering, free space, locking, partitioning, and table combination performance problems. Recommended standards for use of Materialized Query views for BI query processing. i know the longarms of JDR,JPM, and the Pilgrims.and the Draconians. I know what the end results of the HaarpWoodpecker will be. As you can see, I keep very busy with software development. After spending time with Deth-Tek idiots and after almost dying from the nano-thermitic-scalar experiment on 9-11-2001, I prefer isolation, and have few friends. Filter (STARS) works very well and makes profits every day of use. I would like to bring STARS to the small not the multinatz.

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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