Goldman Sachs adds 6 new algos for DMA in India market

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2010)

Goldman Sachs adds 6 new algos for DMA in India market

In a statement, Siddharth Chhabria, Head of India Sales for Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading, said, “We have seen strong demand for electronic trading in India this year, particularly via our algorithmic strategiesMore than 90% of the equities electronic trading volume is now directed to algorithms versus straight-to-market orders.”

According to Goldman Sachs its electronic trading volume of India equities tripled, while the electronic trading volume for futures grew more than four-fold during the second quarter of 2009. The newly released algorithms will give clients access to sophisticated strategies they have used in other markets, according to Chhabria. Goldman Sachs offers a range of algorithmic strategies in Asia, including benchmark matching (VWAP, TWAP, 4Cast), dynamic volume participation (Participate, Dynamic Scaling), and liquidity seeking (SONAR, Piccolo) algorithms.


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