Get Your Windows Phone 7 Mobile Ready for MICROSOFT'S Marketplace!

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2010)

Get Your Windows Phone 7 Mobile Ready for MICROSOFT’S Marketplace!

This was posted at Microsoft’s Developer Network blog. It is about getting your mobile application ready for Windows 7 Mobile marketplace.

My laptop computer connected via USB to my Windows Phone 7 device, running "Kick-Ass App!"

Hey, Canadian mobile developers:

  • If you’ve got an idea for a Windows Phone 7 app, whether it’s brand new or a port of an existing mobile app, start working on it now!
  • If you’re working on a Windows Phone 7 app, get it ready for Marketplace, which will be accepting submissions soon!
  • If you haven’t even tried the Windows Phone 7 developer tools, download them and take them for a spin!

And finally, if you’re planning on submitting a Windows Phone 7 app to Marketplace, get in touch with me! I want to hear from you, help you through the process and help publicize your app.


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