Foreign geek quants have backlash. Excellent article highlights of this part 2

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2010)

Foreign geek quants have backlash. Excellent article highlights of this part 2

Some things foreigners doing quant jobs should be aware of. This was another interesting article posted at Quantnet.com. Here are some highlights you should be aware of:

I was recently observing an online discussion with the author of a book about high frequency trading. The writer defended a point by stating, “ have you never heard of Brownian motion as a model for diffusion of asset prices? Longer horizons are always less certain than the shorter ones.” This is not a statement about markets. This is a statement about a particular model (a number of situations are more certain in the long run). To be completely fair, the author could have been referring to a feature of the model, but the statement easily leads the reader to infer otherwise. Such blurring of the distinction between models and reality is far too common.

Some comments on Quantnet and Twitter feedback:

VAR, Sharpe ratios, implied vols, yea yea; what the geeks don’t get (great article) http://j.mp/cp2nfg

From: http://www.quantnet.com/what-geeks-dont-get/

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