Fastest way to deliver static data on in the internet for your quant or algo trading system?

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2010)

Fastest way to deliver static data on in the internet for your quant or algo trading system?

Web acceleration used to mean caching static content physically closer to site visitors, an effective workaround for the negative effects of latency (i.e., generally more than 150 miles between client device and Web or FTP server). But today’s rich sites with personalized pages and video require specialized optimization that caching and load-balancing cannot alone achieve.

FastSoft’s Web acceleration software solves the root problem of slow network transport with patented algorithms developed at California Institute of Technology. They increase the speed of dynamic page views and file transfer downloads 30% to 500%, which benefits your business by increasing page views, average time on site, and rate of revisit. These metrics are the vital signs for the health of a Web business, and operators want to see them growing.

FastSoft’s unique deployment doesn’t require browser plug-ins or software clients at the receiving end. Our server-side software runs transparently to the network and all applications, and installs quickly because there’s no need to modify servers or rewrite code. Plus, there is no expense for remote software management. Acceleration is in one direction from the sender to any number of receivers


Would this be part of your arsenal?

Check this demo out to see the huge difference:


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