Dump GWT-presenter and GWT-dispatch for GWT-platform for this Google's GWT MVP stuff?

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2010)

This seems more up to date. I believe the older GWT-dispatch and GWT-presenter is for < GWT2.0. This seems more up to date for GWT 2.0+. I will give this a try as for the handler exceptions I am getting in my previous post. The following blog post could be a waste of time if you are using > GWT 2.0.


A comment thankfully pointed me to this:



This may work and I will post if I can apply to my GWT application. This tutorial is not even a day old! I hope it saves my ass on this project!!

Update: Hooray! I can confirm the 2 links above will help you! The following blog post seems useless if you are working with GWT 2.0+:


The 2 links above are better for GWT 2.0 + as it compiles under GWT 2.0 cleanly with no warnings on Serialization Exceptions! There are more real world examples and better documentation to get you started on GWT MVP with GWT 2.0 which we all use. I am currently using GWT 2.04 not GWT 2.1 preview versions!

You way also want to visit for further help:


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