What do you mean Google Android app don’t generate cash or revenue?

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2010)

What do you mean Google Android app don’t generate cash or revenue?
Ok let’s think about. Why is this happening? I would have thought Android apps would be on par with iPhone apps. Guess what? This is not the case. As usual, I always have to go to my trusted Bloomberg for the info.
Here are some highlights from one of their articles:
“Even if the revenue generation might be less, we think it’s still going to be significant,” said Joe Sipher, chief product and marketing officer at San Jose, California-based Pinger, which makes text-messaging and other programs. “Our users are saying, ‘Gosh, I switched to an Android phone, can you put your Textfree app on Android?’”
“There’s really no reason why users shouldn’t consume and buy content to the same extent on an Android phone as they are on an iPhone.”
Apple has more than 250,000 apps available, compared with about 70,000 for Android.
“We want to reduce friction and remove the barriers that make it difficult for developers to make great apps available to users — across as many devices, geographies and carriers as possible,”
Apple iTunes users can do one-click shopping because iTunes saves their information. While Android buyers can do the same if they sign up for Google Checkout, that service doesn’t have as many users. Android Market also lacks features for in-app purchases, which some developers of Apple apps use to sell new game levels or virtual products,

But Google make get Paypal.

“There’s no question Android has a lot more phones out than six months ago, but that’s very different from saying Android is a more appealing platform for developers,
In July, the iPhone had a “click-through” rate of 140 in the U.S., compared with 103 for Android, Smaato said, citing data that measures which operating system had users that clicked on advertisements more often.
App creators have to contend with various versions of Android and differences in screen resolution and keyboard. That makes it more expensive to test programs and can force developers to design for the lowest common denominator
He calls Google’s policy of letting consumers use paid apps for as long as 24 hours and return them for a full refund “senseless and lazy.”

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