Top 10 characteristics to make you a very effective quant based CFO

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2010)

Top 10 characteristics to make you a very effective quant based CFO
These are highlights from a very interesting article posted. These are the kind of characteristic board of directors of corporations will be looking for. After the financial crunch, corporations are under more pressure to heavily scrutinize their executives. Link below:
1: Uncompromising Integrity And Ethical Standards:
A good CFO must be honest, ethical and able to develop and maintain the trust and confidence of all constituents
2: Basic Business Knowledge And Strong Understanding Of Company:
To be effective in a turnaround, a CFO must understand business fundamentals, a company’s basic operations and its business model
3: Strong Work Ethic:
A CFO in a turnaround must be willing to work long hours, processing a tremendous amount of work product while paying extreme attention to detail
4: Self-Confidence And Willingness To Take A Stand:
To gain and keep the trust of all constituents in a turnaround, including the company’s employees, the CFO must be self-confident without being arrogant.
5: Financial Accounting, Cash Management And Corporate Finance Competence:
A successful CFO must possess fundamental accounting knowledge, cash management skills and the ability to manage the financial function
6: Problem-Solving Abilities:
A CFO’s knowledge of the company, its resources and the numbers is critical in formulating a plan to secure a company’s future
8: Results-Oriented Mindset:
A company in turnaround needs a CFO who is committed to results first
9: Strategic Vision And Leadership Skills:
The best CFOs can think strategically, help create and execute business plans and demonstrate strong leadership within the financial departments and with the management team as a whole
10: Reliability:
A CFO who works reliably under pressure to produce timely, accurate information and is willing to do whatever is necessary to bring about results is invaluable


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