Someone from Linked In claims they developed a Tick To Trade trading system with less than 5 milliseconds in latency

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2010)
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Someone from Linked claims they developed a Tick To Trade trading system with less than 5 milliseconds in latency

Do you believe this? I wonder how much it is.

Developed starting from scratch, one of the fastest, Lowest Latency, Ultra High Frequency Trading Platform, fully implemented in software without any hardware acceleration.

Some of the Performance Benchmarks are:
< 5 microsecond "TICK-to-TRADE" Latency < 2 microsecond "TICK-to-ORDER-BOOK-UPDATE" Latency, the result of developing sophisticated, ultra-fast, many-core Control software for Market Data 10GbE line-speed processing The platform also offers the Lowest Energy Foot-Print, only 1/10 of Power required by other server-based systems. Designed the platform with an easy upgrade migration path to 40GbE networking with the overall "TICK-to-TRADE" Latency < 2 microseconds, targeted for the first half of 2011. Interested in joining a trading company such as Investment Bank, Hedge Fund, Prop Shop or a Startup, planning to improve their trading infrastructure or enter the Ultra High Frequency Trading space. Implementing such trading platform would promote the company to a leadership position in UHF trading domain with the huge profit making potential. Specialties Software/firmware development of complex, high performance, Real-Time multiprocessing/multithreading systems for Ultra Low Latency Trading, operating system kernel/device driver development, C/C++ Unix/Solaris/Linux, VxWorks, other multiple commercial RTOS'es

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