Questions on mobile development? Android vs iPhone or iPad or iPod apps market potential? #iphone #android

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2010)

Questions on mobile development? Android vs iPhone or iPad or iPod apps market potential? #iphone #android
I went to some Meet up for iPhone developers yesterday. Just like Apple, there was the occasional douche bag who really thinks Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod development is great. From what I know, it seems many developers are not willing to learn a new language like Objective C. I also have researched it is a very nice language with type safety and the usual. As the world works with Java, this is one compelling reason Android will take off. It already has with over one hundred thousand application out there. Also, think about this poll at:
These are not sites written by start up kids who know everything about the computer industry. They are industry leaders which of course include CNET and Computerworld.
It seems Android has the potential but when I look at my site stats, mobile users only represent a total of a whopping two percent. I mean, Apple iPod, iPad, and iPod are clear winners with a little Android. The others like Windows, Palm, or Blackberry, or Nokia Symbian are not even worth mentioning as it such a small market.
I am starting to see an explosive growth in iPad. For a product for being out there for a short time, I am seeing an explosive growth at some point but iPhone is the clear winner. I circle back now, is it work killing myself to focus on iPhone app development? With only two percent of my total traffic, it is quite not worthwhile in pursing at this point.
As it stands, one person named Twanda is working on what appears to be a very solid iPhone app which will leverage off of QuantLib. Maybe I should wait on that?

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