One asks how to pursue Quant career after grad school? PHD help?

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2010)

One asks how to pursue Quant career after grad school? PHD help?

From Linked In:

Computer Science Undergrad Interested in Financial Engineering – Grad School?
I am a senior computer science student at DePauw University. I recently completed a summer internship developing software (not related to trading though) and I have identified automated trading and its related fields as a general area of interest (I can go more in-depth on this if you would like). My senior year project is aimed toward this goal by developing an automated arbitrage trading platform targeting online betting exchanges.

In your opinion, is grad school (for masters or a Phd.) the way to go if I want to enter this field? I am driven to succeed and interested in furthering my education. Is there any department or school you would recommend taking a look at? I have been looking at more general Computer Science programs, but should I be looking at something more specific to financial engineering?

Thank you for your time and recommendations!

Help this guy out people.

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