Morgan Stanley is still hiring like crazy. This has been confirmed by this recruiter.

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2010)

I can confirm what is stated below. Morgan Stanley is still hiring like crazy. This has been confirmed by this recruiter.
Considering the last time Finbox posted a blog about Morgan Stanley’s hiring stats was nearly three months ago and they have remained in the 200 range for jobs in the data base…that’s really not so bad, eh? Slow and steady is the rabbit, and apparently the Morgan Stanley. Our site currently has around 200 open positions, a good portion of which come exclusively with your Finbox membership.

Dig around the Morgan Stanley Company Report page here and do a little research. We recommend you get started by checking out their credentials; there are 1,087 Morgan Stanley salaries, 771 Morgan Stanley contacts and 191 Morgan Stanley company reviews to start with.

A little bit about working for Morgan Stanley – nearly across the board MS scored above the industry average in each review category answered by the firm’s employees. Did we mention they were all submitted by Morgan Stanley employees? Oh yes, we just did, didn’t we…well, here’s what Morgan Stanley employees are saying; “Morgan Stanley is a great place to work. I’ve been here for 8 years, and if all goes my way, I’ll retire from here too.” -IT Project Manager, New York, NY. “Looks good on the resume. The brand of Morgan Stanley is top notch. Research ideas are very strong along with very intelligent people all around the world.” -Financial Advisor, Cleveland, OH.

Whether you’re looking for a stepping stone in your career or the place to settle in and wait for the proverbial wrist watch and the retirement party, we recommend you check out the Morgan Stanley jobs in Finbox’s database and see if any of them suit you!


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