How to aggressively go to a boutique firm or proprietary shop to get a job?

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2010)

How to aggressively go a boutique firm or proprietary shop to get a job?

Again, another interesting article on how to get a job at one of these companies including a boutique firm or proprietary shop. As part of a Linked In group:

Both are great sites. I personally prefer WallStreetOasis.com.
I think they offer the same, “Learn modelling like a Ninja!”
I just like Oasis’ blogs – they’re usually hilarious!
Phone up someone more junior than the head of the department, or the actual head if the firm is small enough. Offer to take them out for coffee or lunch. Get your name and face out there. Analysts usually have a big say in who is hired as their associate. In corp fin, juniors easier to get to. People more likely to listen to internal recommendations than external if/when a job is available. We always asked for ideas internally as well as looking at external candidates.

Going to the door and dropping resume at reception doesn’t work if you don’t meet anyone.
The answer lies here: Its not what you know, its who you know. Its all about networking and bringing value to the table. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack..just my two cents.
Networking is your best bet but even before that, I would spend some time figuring out and articulating for yourself what your value proposition is to the firm and/or role that you’re targetting and then focusing on meeting people at targeted companies that you want to work.

Warmer introductions are always best but I’ve found that cold emails/calls work as well if you’re succinct and focused on how you can add value to the firm.
I’m not aware of niche job boards for smaller shops, I think network is your best bet. Sometimes we don’t realize the type of network we already have at hand. But I think equally important is for you to specify your area of interest.
Then, if you want it bad enough, explore all of the above great suggestions!
You need to do it in person, forget message boards and recruiters. They sometimes work but the odds are very not in your favour. Expand your network somehow to include people in a firm you’re interested in. Emphasis on somehow.

It wouldn’t be very effective applying that way as the competition would be much tougher. If you are confident enough, best is to walk in, introduce yourself and express what you are looking for.

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