Google Android: My Top 10 review of what works and what does not

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2010)

Google Android: My Top 10 review of what works and what does not

So I got the latest Google Android operating system for my Huawei U8100. I really cannot review Android and the phone together as they should be separate. I only had it for twelve hours but here are my thoughts so far:
1. There are the usual popular apps you can get including Facebook, Twitter, eBay, New Yorks Times, BBC, etc.
2. I like the TRUE multitasking as compared to iPhone. I think it only has two tasks running with one in background. I could be mistaken but the Android seems to have it down pretty good.
3. The You Tube application I really like. It is a little downloading but that could be the delay of time in terms of downloading. The integration of You Tube on Android is great!
4. I also like the Google Maps feature. Man that is pretty cool as it is really easy to navigate in with respect to where you live or where you are going.
5. There is a pretty decent set of applications with Google Finance. It is free but gives you a real time snapshot of the markets.
6. Google Translate seems to be another popular application which even includes voice to text which you obviously cannot get on Google itself.
7. Opera browser is pretty slick as compared to the standard Android browser. I am not sure if the standard browser is Chrome or not.
8. CNBC has a free app for Android which I really have fooled around with.
9. I may even suck up to pay for two Bloombergs apps. You know I like my Bloomberg.
10. The Android market has so many indie apps I am not sure if I would download them as because of spam and abuse of the phone (i.e. Contacts, etc). I will just stick with the brand name apps for now.

As you can tell, most of the out of box Google apps are really nice. Some of the others mentioned look great and easy. This makes me wonder if I could ever trust those indie or unknown apps for Android. I definitely feel unique as compared to those people who carry a Blackberry or iPhone. Go Android Go.

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