Would you want this guy to be your quant genius or trader?

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2010)

Would you want this guy to be your quant genius or trader?

Another pitch on good old Linked In. Check this guy’s 5 second elevator speech:

Here we propose automated strategy on FOREX – Wonabru strategy. It uses mathematical formulas and principles. This strategy is based mainly on Objective Value theory published in Physica A in 2007.
Here is the PnL of portfolio in time 2000-now (backtest is done using MetaTrader 5)


If you would like to see backtest details statistics or short theory description please follow the link:


If you think the approach and the style of strategy building is interesting for you please contact me by email or phone.

Currently I am looking for a job, so I am ready to transfer my knowledge to your trading systems if you hire me.

Today we release the working expert ‘Wonabru HFT v1.0’ for download. This expert is responsible for presented results.

See www.wonabru.com for details

I see that announce of job searching with presenting the results of making money strategy is misleading many people. I would like to explain that I do not have enough capital to making money myself now. Second I am not good trader. I specialize rather in building strategies not using them. In trading very important is psyche and undertake the risk, not everybody like this. I am rather scientist and love in creation of something new. Of course I think of making money with my strategies, that is why I have Wonabru Technology firm, but I am thinking rather of selling signals from my strategies. In further future I will trading myself with my strategies but when other more basic needs will be satisfied, yet they are not, so trading make me very nervuos.
We release new version of strategy ‘Wonabru HFT’. This version is more reliable and stable, having two servers for getting signals, so if one is down second is working. Signals are the same, only way of getting signals is different. Please visit http://www.wonabru.com for details.

Our prominent signals ‘Wonabru HFT’ is consequently making profit. Check statistics of ‘Wonabru HFT’ signals on mt4i.com:


We are also present on rentasignal.com site:


Also we have set a signal providing service on zulutrade.com site


We release new installation package, which should in simple and easy way get you through installation of ‘Wonabru HFT GetSignals v2.0’.

Link for download a new release:


Wish you positive profit…
wonabru.com team

1) On backtest – the sharp ratio is given in MetaTrader 5 Report on www.wonabru.com tab ‘FOREX Forecasting’ and it is 1.23, 1.8, 1.5, 0.13, 1, 0.71 for years 1999-2000, 2001-2002, 2003-2004, 2005-2006, 2007-2008, 2009-2010.
2) On live trading – we do not have such a calculated parameter.
2) More than two weeks of running ‘Wonabru HFT’

We are working on application of physics in financial analysis, nonlinear and linear time series analysis, statistics etc. We are ready to help you in doing quatitative analysis, building new trading strategies, doing research. If you are interested in outsource doing some projects, we are ready to be your partner. We provide breakthrough ideas, high math standard and affordable prices.

Please visit http://www.wonabru.com for some probe of our work and contact details.

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