Seriously, what innovations has Microsoft brought to the software industry in the latest .NET version 4?

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2010)

Seriously, what innovations has Microsoft brought to the software industry in the latest .NET version 4?
This comment appeared on the site:

thus there is an open source implementation named Mono – which also features an F# implementation.
Given the speed of releases and innovation Microsoft has overtaken Oracle/Java.

This made me think to myself. What new innovations has Microsoft brought to the table in their latest suite of .NET like programming languages like C++, C#, etc? F# sounds pretty innovative but that’s about it.

I mean, when you look at the development of C#. It is a derivative of Java? Then Java was a derivative of C++. So, here we sit at the next generation of languages. I am always wondering what major new technological updates or innovation has Microsoft ‘invented’?
I always want to know this. I only say this as I look my experience with open source versus .NET for quant development. I am strongly leaning to .NET with C# as there seems to be more demand in it. Also, open source with Linux and Unix is popular, but more these are more maintenance projects.
Also, the major investment banks use Microsoft technologies including C# and the .NET libraries. Also, many are deploying on Windows including using the High Performance version of Windows Server as well. I know companies like Goldman Sachs are using nothing but Red Hat Linux with only command line. Again, they are the leaders in this field but more and more seem to be using .NET.
For those out there in the field, what are you people working or deploying on? I am kind of looking for pattern what people are using on their jobs. Just leave a comment, about the kind of project you are on, how big your employer is, and what technologies/programming languages you use. That would be helpful not just for me but for my readers as well.

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