More reasons to hate Adobe. Die die die! Thanks goes out to Flash Develop #flash #flex

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2010)

More reasons to hate Adobe. Die die die! Thanks goes out to Flash Develop. flashdevelop.org

What a waste of time these morons have proven to be. After spending days on end looking for an adequate Flash environment, I have found something that may prove itself and Flash technology. I hope I can regain my confidence on Flash, Flex, and Air.
Anyhow for Adobe to hide behind their PAID technical programming environments, nothing enrages me more than seeing my time go wasted. Why do I need to pay for a Flash integrated development environment? Please explain Adobe. Microsoft has their Express Visual Studio versions while we all know about free open source Eclipse. Adobe has proven to be a real waste of internet space.
I have found something which hopes to work out for me. Thank God for Open Source.
Flash Develop may prove itself so I can finally start tinkering around with Red 5 and a real programming language called Java. I am hoping to report some positive results with this exciting media server.
Too bad Adobe can’t get it right.

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