Learn from FREE top quality YouTube videos on quant, risk, Excel on Bionic Turtle!

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2010)
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Learn from FREE top quality YouTube videos on quant, risk, Excel on Bionic Turtle

You Tube has proved itself to be a treasure trove of quant related videos and channels. One channel that blew my socks of was Bionic Turtle. It seems to have various quant and risk management related video lessons to help you pass the Financial Risk Management exam. There is a a few hundred dollar fee for access to certain videos.

he main professor is David Harper, CFA, FRM, CIPM. The site’s bio explains:
Prior to launching bionicturtle.com, David was a consultant to executives and Boards. He advised primarily to technology and financial firm on transactions (IPSO, M&A), incentives and performance improvement (economic value added). Over ten years, his clients ranged from dozens of Fortune 1000 companies (e.g., Levi’s, P&G, Edison), financial services firms (e.g., American Century, Barclays Global Investors, Zions Bancorp), investment funds, hedge funds, fund of funds, and REITs. He has also occasionally served as an expert witness. In September of 2006, he assisted Lipis Consulting in an expert support role. His valuation model helped the plaintiff win a $30+ million judgment in a high-profile case.
For several years, he was a regular contributor to investopedia and launched, along with Investopedia’s co-founders, their first investment newsletter; he developed the portfolios and investment process that returned +35% annualized returns (from inception to acquisition). He authored the popular series Advanced Financial Statement Analysis that has been used in several college curricula.
To realize the BT vision, David also spent over a thousand hours training to learn the technologies so that he could build the first two versions of bionicturtle, before hiring professionals to build the most recent site. After learning to build rich media assets, he realized his goal by conducting several seminars on object-oriented techniques (OOP) in the elearning field; e.g., he co-authored along with Alex Barabanov bionicturtle’s Flex/Flash dynamic quiz application that dynamically retrieves two-tier XML data (both the map and the questions can be modified independent of the application) from Excel source, making the quizzes both flexible but more accurate since they are error-checked in the spreadsheet.

Bionic Turtle seems to focus on quant related topics with a Excel being the tool. I have taken a look at a few of these videos. I was very impressed on how slick they were and fairly simple to pick up. I would highly recommend this You Tube Channel at
The site is http://www.bionicturtle.com
Very cool stuff.

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