Is it good bye Apple, iPhone, RIM, and Blackberry? Is it hello Google Android and China’a Huawei? #iphone

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2010)

Is it good bye Apple, iPhone, RIM, and Blackberry? Is it hello Google Android and China’a Huawei? #iphone

You got to love it when snob loving Apple put out products (called iPhone) that cost $700 here in Canada. You got to even love it when Google Android phone costs over $300 start with. What the hell Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and whomever else? Why does it take the Chinese and their phone manufacturer Huawei to get it right? I mean, we can now all start our Android phone for $140 with a rebate from Wind Mobile here in Canada. Yeah for that.
I am very excited to start tinkering around with Android on a virtual mobile handset for under $200. I mean $140 is a deal no matter how questionable the phone is. If it lasts for at least a year, I will be very with that. Congrats goes out to Wind Mobile and Huawei from China in getting it right.
Boo to all those others like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Research in Motion, and whomever it. A real competitor has arrived for the rest of us to start developing cool Android application.
I mean, I will still look at Apple’s iPod Touch for $200 for iPhone applications. I think that is an ok price. As for Rearch in Motion and Blackberry, I await the days for Microsoft to take you out and get the technology right for us third party developers to get excited about. I understand your web browsers takes us all back to Netscape 1.0. Good luck with that so called programming language called JavaScript and your Blackberry OS 6. Hahaha
As for Nokia, it was nice to know you. Bye bye

Again, it is hello Google Android and Huawei and MAYBE Apple Iphone. Remember Apple, if you reject our other iPhone application, we will not develop no more for iPhone.

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