F# and .NET needed at Credit Suisse? Is there a future for this and Microsoft in the quant world?

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2010)

F# and .NET needed at Credit Suisse? Is there a future for this and Microsoft in the quant world?
So somebody on my Linked In is looking for F# developers. This was the message:
We are using F# in Credit Suisse (in the derivatives quant modelling group), and have been doing so for 2 years now. We have a number of open positions, particularly combining F# and WPF. Please contact me if you are interested and have the relevant skills.
His group is also listed as Gobal Modelling and Analytics. This is in New York City.
Don’t bother asking me for the contact because I won’t give it.
As Microsoft introduced this new language in Visual Studio 2010, I am seeing more demand for this dynamic scripting language. Or is a scripting language like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, or PERL. I am not sure as I have not worked with it.
As compared to a new language like Google Go, I am seeing a slight uptick in demand for it. As I said, when you compare to these other languages in the world of quant, F# appears to be taking an early lead.
When you compare the general .NET versus Java argument, it is a very safe bet that .NET is starting to get more popular within the enterprise which of course includes the large Quant firms. Also, I am finding despite C++ as being the standard, know Microsoft’s .NET frameworks like WPF, WCF, and LINQ are pretty well standard. Make sure you know the new features of Visual Studio 2010. They are very impressive.
As for F#, I still question if this is a smart decision for your career path right now. It is still light on demand, but gives it a year or two; you might start seeing more and more F#. It is a bit of risk right now, but you have been warned. Also, did I mention you can get the F# interpreter for Linux flavours like Red hat or Ubuntu. This is Microsoft’s first foray into the outside Windows world? Also, it is pretty standard Microsoft can set languages as standards. Why do you think C++ is still a standard and very popular language? It is as popular a C#.

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