Why would work in a large bank like Bank of Montreal (BMO) who would way pay lower than some smaller bank?

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2010)

Why would work in a large bank like Bank of Montreal (BMO) who would way pay lower than some smaller bank?
As interviews in the field of investments, finance, and even quant seems to be a hot topic on this blog, I thought I would give my impressions of how I did at Bank of Montreal (also known as BMO) here in Toronto. I can tell you I did pretty easy interviews with their Capital Markets department. Although I abysmally failed at it for stupid, I lost total interest in the company and division.
As Bank of Montreal claim you are developing with their trading platforms, you are more or less just integrating and playing a support role with their different tools and platforms they work with. From what I gather, they are a large supporter of a software trading platform called Imagine. As for the position, you are more or less integrating and working with their API (application programming interface) with this Imagine tool. It sounds like a very popular application but I still feel it will keep you pigeonholed.
Your resume would be only be showing this one tool called Imagine while there are many others. It is also worthwhile to include working on internally house build systems in mainstream programming languages like C++, C#, or Java. You go farther with that and become more valuable to a company over the long run with other added skills. These of course could include customer facing, gathering requirements, business analyst, etc.
There is one major benefit working for large banks like this is that they a brand name. Having brand names on your resume make you more attractive. Although, I have included the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board on my resume, it has enabled me to get some further interviews with banks like Citi, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and the like. Right now, I feel i have to focus on the smaller shops where my learning and skills go a lot of farther.

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