What next on the agenda for my learning with Matlab for quant development?

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2010)

What next on the agenda for my learning with Matlab for quant development?

After reading this Demystifying Matlab, I started to understand Matlab’s command line set while learning some basic math concepts. I still have a major uphill in learning advanced math concepts but I am quite comfortable in how Matlab works on the command line front.

So what is next up for my Matlab learning? I need to figure out these different toolboxes which are an important integral part of Matlab. That of course includes derivative, risk, equity, data feeds, statistical, and others. The version I managed to ‘get’ includes all these so I should get comfortable pretty quickly.

Also, I understand in how these scripts are written. It is no different than any other programming language like C# or C++. The one thing I am very attracted to is the capability in how Matlab can export any script into a C++ program. I say that is so cool. You could also especially learn the C++ end of things when you start screwing around with the math and algorithmic front of things. This is the ultimate in learning. At the same time, this is what the investment banking industry using to. Again, that is building my confidence that Matlab is the way to go in learning about quant based concepts and technologies.
As it stands, my next priorities are becoming how these toolkits work as well as how Matlab can export its scripts to C++. If you are overwhelmed on the different technology choices, I would only recommend learning Matlab as that seems to be the glue between your front technologies of learning VBA and Microsoft Excel. Matlab can integrate with it as well export your scripts into C++
The other important advantage Matlab brings to the table is that there versions for all the major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS/X. How cool is that?

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