This prop shop offered easiest C# and C++ job interview to launch my Quant career

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2010)

This prop shop offered easiest C# and C++ job interview to launch my Quant career
I just did a second interview at a fairly small proprietary shop (also known as a prop shop) with six traders and two info tech guys. It seems fairly easy to as they interview were general question about my programming capabilities. This included what I put on my resume but it was not a detailed as other interviews by Bloomberg or Morgan Stanley. They were very general questions but not too technical.
The one thing I like about these kinds of companies is they do not ask highly detailed questions like virtual constructors and other C++ detailed questions. They just wanted to know my thoughts on general experience of Java or order entry systems I wrote. Of course, I listed FIX messaging system which I contributed to a project I was in the past. This included an internally built trading system built in C# and Visual C++. They are obviously a Microsoft .NET which is completely fine by me. It seems Microsoft .NET technologies are bouncing back.
Anyhow, this company has built their own servers, trading platform, and complete messaging system with their own FIX implementation. I can only say WOW as this company did not go with any third party vendor like Imagine (from Bank of Montreal).
As you can tell, you will never gain this knowledge as quickly as compared to a larger investment bank, bulge bracket, or hedge fund. I do believe I posted this before at
As you for a career in quant, you might consider wanting to start out in a small prop shop. As said, it seems more relaxed, less pressure, and casually dressed. As you advance in your career, start considering the mid level players in industry.
I thought I would just put it out there.

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