The best 12 tips to help you get a quant job in lucrative and highly profitable hedge fund companies!

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2010)

The best 12 tips to help you get a quant job in lucrative and highly profitable hedge fund companies!
Let’s say you want to work in one of the hedge funds that are hiring right now. They did whether the last recession pretty well so it might have been a safe place to bet your career on. Hahaha. Maybe?? Anyhow, there was a report on how to get into this lucrative career.
According to a leading career site eFinancialcareers.com does report a sixteen percent up for hedge funds posts. It was also reported that some of the fund managers were bringing in average 2010 salaries of over one billion dollars including one making over four billion. Ouch!
So how does one get into this career path? Some of the characteristics you better have include:
1. Stay on edge to perform as competition is pretty fierce
2. Work well under pressure and synthesize and evaluate data very quickly.
3. Ensure your personality can handle the high pressure cooker environment
4. Hedge fund managers have short attention spans and don’t network well, so you better know how to push yourself hard and handle taking rejection well.
5. Show commitment to want to working in a hedge fund.
6. A tip would include build an analysis of a company, asked the fund to evaluate it, and then asked if someone within the fund he or she should talk to. This could be a smart way of getting into a hedge fund.
7. Do your homework to find out what kind of investments the fund makes before approaching.
8. Hedge fund managers lover metrics so include anything on your resume, if you set a record at school, include in your resume. Note any sales accomplishments you might have had as well. Show those numbers.
9. While in interviews, focus on clarity and brevity. Talk about your goals and how the company will benefit from your goals. You clarify your unique goals quickly to garner the attention during an interview. This is to avoid being ignored or being perceived as annoying.
10. Make internal small steps before making the big one. Go into the prime brokerage division that finance hedge funds internally before applying. Make sure you have specialized knowledge or experience. If you have knowledge in biochemistry, seek out hedge funds who are involved with biotech investments.
11. During interviews, hedge fund managers want to see how quickly you respond on your feet. They may ask some off the wall questions like:
“What was the last movie you paid money to see?” or “On a spectrum from analytic at one end to strategic at the other, where do you place yourself?”

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