MATLAB Demystified the book review. Best way to learn MATLAB for quant analysis?

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2010)

MATLAB Demystified the book review. Best way to learn MATLAB for quant analysis?
So here I am trying to figure out how to tackle the fairly detailed Matlab as a math and stats tool. MATLAB is very extensive as has been introduced in this book. As I went to the local Chapter/Indigo (the big bad Borders or Barnes & Noble equivalent) here in Canada, it was the only book I came upon. I am becoming very tired of eBooks.
The book gives you a quick intro to the usual basic MATLAB commands and utilities I am now in the second chapter learning about vectors and matrixes. To be honest, MATLAB does not look really that hard to pick up. It is become a great tool for all things revolving around quant analysis and research. A lot of this involves math so you obviously need a world standard math stats application like MATLAB.
Judging from this book, I can see why MATLAB is the industry standard unlike Mathematica or a MATLAB clone like Octave or SciLab. Regardless of your standpoint, this book is tooting itself as the standard and easiest way to learn MATLAB. After reading, I can see how MATLAB seems to be like Checkers where it is easy to learn but hard to master.
As I am in the early stages of learning MATLAB and using its features extensively, I am starting to understand the importance of it for quant analysis, model and strategy building. It has so many toolkits available for large institutions to take advantage of MATLAB’s capabilities. It also shows me you need to learn the basics. This book may be the ticket. If you need to learn advanced features of MATLAB, I am sure this is not the ticket for you. Again, this book is for the basics only as far as I can see.
If you look at the reviews on Amazon, they are not exactly glowing. Nonetheless, the book was cheap and thus far seems to meet my basic goals in learning Matlab. That may change as I advance farther into it.

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