Is this ultimate online list for those looking for hedge fund seeders?

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2010)

Is this ultimate online list for those looking for hedge fund seeders?
So here some magical list of hedge fund seeders.

Alternative Asset Managers
Asset Alliance Corporation
BRI Partners
Capital Z Patners
Focus Investment Group
Front Point Partners
FRM Capital Advisors
Greenlight Capital
Hardt Group
Magnum Global Investments
Mariner Investment Group
Penjing Capital
Torque Partners
Thesys technologies
Trillium Trading
This was posted on my Linked In group I am part of.
Comments of these comments were that they won’t talk to you unless you have a very solid and long track record. One person if you want to get noticed, work at Goldman Sachs with a great track record, then you are well on your way. The way I see it, would’t Goldman Sachs want to hang on to you?
The Forbes articles I posted had one quant modelling programming quit after a $150,000 job and having been offered a raise of $45,000 and his own office. Yah. He is now making millions after a solid arrangement of splitting his profits of fifty percent. Nice!
Anyhow, this list could be golden for those that want to really launch their own hedge fund. Uh. Aren’t they the ones who fund the private equity guys? Or don’t hedge funds foucus on the institutional buyers like pensions or federal workers. Here in Ontario, we got some big ones like Canada Pension Plan,Investment Board, Teachers Fund, or some other big ones in Quebec. I guess only the big hedge funds from Blackrock or Citadel get notices by these big companies.
Back to our list, one person commented on how you could walk into one called Millenium, show a few profitable strategies to some guy named Izzy, and you get a few cool million. Is there a big improvement lately in 2010? It might be opening up with some new risk takers. Let me know what you know by commenting below

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