Is Microsoft’s Visual Studio, C++, C# hold the future for quant development and high performance algo trading systems?

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2010)

Is Microsoft’s Visual Studio, C++, C# hold the future for quant development and high performance algo trading systems?
You bet. Microsoft is now back with some superior technology. I have been using Windows 7 for over 4 months. I have not seen once my laptop hanging. I have been using Windows XP with no major issues for well over two issues. I am starting to feel confident again with what Microsoft is delivering. With their inferior debacle called Windows Vista, I can say this is easily of the most enjoyable operating system platforms to be part of. Although I have worked with Apple Mac technology for over ten years, I am start to find it is falling way behind with what both Linux flavours like Ubuntu or Windows are delivering. Also, it is very safe to say Linux and Windows are the only platforms that matter in the Quant based world.
Anyhow, as I am now confident with what Microsoft is delivering, I have also gotten my hands on the last Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Man, I thought Eclipse and Netbeans for Java were the bomb. You have not development until you touched this resounding excellent integrated development environment called Visual Studio 2010. It is quite rich and full of some exciting third part tools.
Also, this brings me back to the debate in which where do I bank my current (so-called) quant development future. After being part of these influential Linked In groups, there is a resounding popularity of using Visual Studio as the standard development stack to go with. Also, throw in C++ and C# for good measure. You really cannot go wrong with those choices.
All the major investment banks in London’s City district are easily using Microsoft’s .NET technologies for their development. Although, the GCC compiler is used for both Linux based and open source projects, most of the legitimate Investment banking world is using Visual Studio.
There, that was an easy internal debate to decide where focus my future quant development future on.

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