Is it goodbye Adobe Flash, AIR, and Flex and Hello Google GWT?

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2010)

Is it goodbye Adobe Flash, AIR, and Flex and Hello Google GWT?
Again, this really is not a quant related topic but as I build a new interface for this start up, I started to realize that if I wanted to build any application to deployed on web, desktop, or in a mobile device, I would definitely deploy using Google’s GWT.
The two mainstream strategies might be using a Flash based technology like Flex or AIR but I started to realize what major disadvantages it had:
1. It has a run time dependency like a Flash player browser plug-in or some other software you need to download. Before 2010 came along, this was fine as it was the true standard. Well, guess what? Many people don’t like downloading stuff and this is one major drawback Flash brings to the table. GWT offers no downloading requirements what so ever!
2. It is Actionscript. I would rather have George Bush sit on my face and use so 2009 technology. It does not bring any sort of advantage with a mature language like Java. Java has evolved and always kept up to date with modern times. Also, Java is heavily used in the enterprise and easily plugs into mainstream frameworks like Spring or Hibernate. Flash has it`s difficulties talking to these technologies.
3. When it comes to mobile, Flash is dead. End of story. Just ask Steve Jobs of Apple about it. Why would I want to download a Flash player on to my mobile phone when I could easily run HTML5 which is quickly becoming the new standard? GWT is totally browser independent as it is rendered one hundred percent in JavaScript. It also boohoo as I can debug and develop in Java before compiling with GWT compiler.
4. Let`s talk Adobe versus Google. We all know Google pretty well sets standards on the web. Adobe had its reign in the creative world years ago but things are radically changing so fast. Also, Google GWT is gaining a huge momentum with toolkits like GXT. There are so many advanced visual effects that you cannot find elsewhere.

Now you know what to build your next RIA in. Bye Flash! May I also remind those Flash lovers became huge because of YouTube which is now part of Google? I am just waiting for the day where all of Google`s PHDs will find a way to magically convert all those Flash videos into something like HTML 5 or GWT compliant.

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