Dragon Den and Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary might not be the God we thought!!

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2010)

Ouch! Dragon Den and Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary might not be the God we thought!!
I love watching these shows. As a business grad, an entrepreneur, and so on, I got to say I love Kevin O’Leary regardless of what some think or say. He might be crass at points, but so what? He does appear to represent what typically goes on in the world of quant, business, stock market, investment, etc. It is all about ego centric maniacs. Perform and you are well rewarded.
Anyhow, I would have thought Kevin O’Leary was some sort of God who had a Midas Touch. I suddenly saw associate himself with a bunch of douche bags on a free stock market streaming site called VangtageWire. It appears to be spamming site who promote penny mining companies. Bah!
Why would Kevin O’Leary associate himself with this racket? Why would he even think about it? If he could stoop to such a low, is he willing to sell the paint of his mother’s house for a buck? I would hope. I thought Kevin O’Leary had more integrity. Until….
So I thought, he has some mutual funds. I picked up a recent Globe and Mail and read that one of his mutual funds was one of the worst performers in the market. I would have thought he was a top performer just like O’Donnell many years ago. Anyhow, I came across from this legitimate Time link:
I started to doubt what Kevin O’Leary has done. I even checked out a Wikipedia article where it said there was some lawsuit when he sold off his educational software company to Mattel. Should we all start questioning what comes out of Mr Kevin O’Leary’s mouth?
Also, would you really question the integrity of what a Time article might say? It might be able to vouch for his O’Leary Fund performance as well. Maybe he is not what we thought?

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