Did Kevin O’Leary make a mistake joining VantageWire.com? Are they spammers?

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2010)

Did Kevin O’Leary make a mistake joining VantageWire.com? Are they spammers?
So I probably watched some Dragon Den’s episode last night. It seems old or a repeat but who cares right? It is an opinion that I thought I would throw out there anyhow.
We all know Kevin O’Leary is pretty well an alpha male in the investment world of Canada. I will leave my opinions to the end of on this guy.
So here we are with two kiddies announcing their wonderful Vantage Wire website. They claim they were making $800K in online ads, nice girlie models with signs, and so on. These guys look like a bunch of douches where they need to attract the attention of the Dragons with these models. It was pretty crass! They also focused their pitch on signing up ‘Mr Wonderful’ also known as Kevin O’Leary. Sorry but I the other Dragons called them out on it. Good for them.
As for this site, there seem to be numerous complaints on how Vantage Wire are a bunch of spammers. If they offer free marketing info on their site, there are obviously has to be some kind of catch. Well, I can figure out they are pitching these useless penny stock companies. I never would trust these scum bags as they are appear to be a bunch of bottom feeders looking for suckers to throw money at them. Does Bre-x come to mind? As you can tell on the Vantagewire forum, there seems to be some questionable responses on the person making these spamming accusations.
As it stands, I would never sign up for this type of site. Anyone who pitches these dirt bags, I would be very wary of these companies. I have been hounded by them so as Vantage Wire seems to promoting them, I too lump this site of Vantage Wire into the same batch. My advice, don’t use them. If you do use them, there are better services online.

Added more:
URST is sending out misleading spam; “Uranium Star to Present Giant Vanadium Discovery at Energy Investor Forum in Denver”… they dropped the word “Green” in the spam headline to mislead investors, as the name of the property is “Green Giant”.

Also it is no secret the vantagewire list is extreme spam as many of the email addresses were added to list without permission (I have never asked to be added and get several under several email addresses I have) and there is no other reason for them to send to that address unless it was added to their database to without permission. A desperate attempt to attract attention by using spam and even worse to use misleading headline. Vantagewire does honor removes, but the list was created fraudulently. Yes it was. Yes it was. They are not able to produce the IP and time stamp of any addresses a request to be added for any I receive spam under.


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