Could F# be the secret future for which Microsoft will start branching into the Linux, Unix, and open source worlds?

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2010)

Could F# be the secret future for which Microsoft will start branching into the Linux, Unix, and open source worlds?

As some quant developers secretly know, they hold the key to future world of technology. Let’s face it; they are the ones who have kept C++ alive and well. They need the speed as this language is the fastest processor on the planet. No debate here, end of discussion on that. Quant developers have kept old legacy databases like Sybase relevant. Don’t ask me why?
As we know, the latest 2010 edition of Visual Studio from Microsoft included a relatively unknown programming language called F#. Could it hold the future to Microsoft’s first foray into Linux or Unix? While installing the Linux Mono project (thanks to Novell for that one), F# enables you to go up against any dynamic programming language like Python or Ruby or even R.
I have never used it, but I can historically say, most languages (outside of Java) die a fairly quick non relevancy within the enterprise world unless it has the backing of Microsoft. Well this one does since it owned and developed by Microsoft.
When you look at the history of C#, it was meant to be the modern Java killer. It did evolve from J#. Today, it takes eight years for C# to become more popular that Visual Basic. Hooray for them on that!
Back to F#, I have heard from some influential sources that F# is gaining some traction as a language to go with. In terms of modern and establish large investment banks, F# is gaining some momentum on new projects. As a result, does this mean F# could be the next mainstream programming language Microsoft may push over the next ten years. Or will it die a slow death like J# or other dynamic programming languages Microsoft tried to push.
When you look at Microsoft’s attitude towards the open source community, I get very confused on their strategies with open source interpretations of their Iron Python and Iron Ruby projects. When you look at F#, it will become mainstream otherwise it would never have seen light of day in their modern Visual Studio 2010 suite.

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