This demonstrates a C++ initialization list sample source code

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2010)

This works for initialization list
class A {
int x;
string s;
const int y;
A(int x1, string s1, const int y1): x(x1), s(s1), y(y1) {}
void hi() { x=5; } //if you change y here , it will fail due to y //being const
int main() {
int s;
double arr[3] = {1.0,12.0,5.0};
s = sum (arr,3);
cout << "sum: "<< s << endl; // prints int h=5; A* a=new A(10,"h", h); a->hi();
return 0;
class A
A() {} //this ctr must be public not set private as default


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