Surprise! Citi pays premium for Java and C++ quant based positions with an easy recruitment process

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2010)

Surprise! Citi pays premium for Java and C++ quant based positions with an easy recruitment process

My experience with Citibank (also known as Citigroup) for a trading program position was fairly positive. It seems I did ok in the interviews eyes as there was positive feedback to my recruiter. This position is here in Greater Toronto Area but Mississauga in particular. I was supposed to have three separate interviewers in over an hour and half. I had an assistance vice president and another technical person call. These were separate calls asking me high level question but were very interested in certain aspects of my resume. These included my programming for a trading system I was part of.
As said, the interviewers did not go into any technical details as you would expect from a heavy duty technical role in an investment bank like Citi. It seems Citi’s recruitment process is much easier as compared to Morgan Stanley or Bloomberg. It does not appear they need you onsite for interviews as everything is done over the phone. Pretty easy as compared to the others mentioned.
As for me, expect to have you resume picked at by these people. They will be asking detailed questions from the activity of your resume. In my case, it seems Citi will stress you need some form of commercial messaging tool like IBM’s MQ Series or Tibco’s EMS. In my case, I could only offer pure JMS (Java Messaging Service) which all these other commercial products are based off of. It seems they stress this lot.
As you imagine, if your job description from Citi requires a middleware messaging solution like Tibo or MQ Series, make sure you have it. JMS alone will not cut it. If I had this, I am sure I would have moved ahead pretty fast towards a job offer. Again, it was much easier recruitment process from Citi. They also pay premium here locally as compared to some cheap ass Canadian banks. Ugh. I am not proud to say that.

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