Is there a bug with Ubuntu 10.X and VMWARE 7? ActiveQuant does not work on Windows 7 Eclipse?

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2010)

Is there a bug with Ubuntu 10.X and VMWARE 7? ActiveQuant does not work on Windows 8 Eclipse?

I spent days trying to figure this out. It seems there is a strange bug with VMWare 7 and Ubuntu Desktop 10.x as being the guest. Everything will install fine with no issue. Once complete, I cannot type anything in my Ubuntu Desktop 10.x guest environment. I thought it was a fluke so I reinstalled twice but still had the same symptom. I wanted to verify that was the not the case with Windows Server 2003 as being guest. I even installed both Debian and CentOS 5 as being the guest. I had no issue with any of these guest operating systems which was kind of strange.

Well I can somehow verify there is an issue somehow but I cannot explain it nor did I not diagnose. I got better things to do than trying to figure out strange thing like this. I am only reporting it.

My resolution was pretty simple. I decided to install Ubuntu Server 9.x which appears to have the resolve typing issue. I then installed the Gnome graphic user interface on top of the Ubuntu Server edition with no issues. I will report that it really slows down so maybe that might not be wise. Anyhow, everything seems to run ok. Again, don’t ask? If someone can explain this in my comments sections that would be highly appreciated.

Now that brings me to my next question. As for Active Quant which is explained on setting up an Eclipse environment at:
There was a strange warning I got once I built the Maven dependencies. This happened on Windows 7 but I moved ahead with the above environment with Ubuntu, It seems to work ok to. Is there a strange bug going on within Windows 7? Or at least with the required Windows Eclipse version? Comment your experiences below.

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