Here is my personal experience with this Bloomberg Brainbench Previsor C++ senior online test

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2010)

Here is my personal experience with this Bloomberg Brainbench Previsor C++ senior online test

UH. Where do I start? This was easily the strangest and most bizarre possible test you could be asked. When you look at a certification test like Sun Certified Java Programmer, it looked upon as somewhat of a joke within the computer industry. Why? When you look at the dumbest and most unpractical test questions, it does not mean that you become a better Java programmer. It just means you can figure out the most bizarre things in these formats. They are more like brain twisters instead of testing true simpler programming logic. We can say you can expect the same sort of twisted questions on this C++ Brainbench test as well.
For instance, when was the last time you used a union? Expect quite a few questions on these if you have not. I also remember there were some very twisted string questions I do not think I would ever use. So again, why would you be tested on unpractical questions like this? If it would never be used in the real world, maybe the question should not be asked. If I was a senior developer and saw a junior developer code like that, I would toss them out of my shop. Complex and illogical code does not make sense like that to me. I like it simple.
Anyhow, it looks like I can easily kiss the opportunity with Bloomberg goodbye with this online assessment. It was a very tough at a senior level. As for the test, be prepared forty questions with three minutes to answer. It might take a lot longer to just understand the question itself. Good luck on that. Don’t think you can crash course C++ and think you will pass this exam. I might as not prepared for it, there were lots of questions I was either guessing or down literally to the last seconds.
As mentioned in one of the previous links for this Brainbench online test, you might question employers who use this as a measuring stick. If this is how they gauge without asking proper interview questions, what would their code look like? Yikes. Maybe we should run. Time to move on maybe.

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