Here is a Java summary for your job interview question

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2010)

Here is a Java summary for your job interview questions
Constructors need to start with this or super() calls.
Call static methods by className.staticMethod() where staticMethod() is static in classname class.
Button b=new Button () where b is new reference variable of a Button object. Created on heap while local variables live on stack.
Pass by reference where
Dimension d= new Dimension(); modify(d); will modify object variables but reference variables like
int x; modify(x) will not change x since it is a a reference variable.
Use auto boxing for methods like Float f=new Float.valueof(“1.221f”), pasrseXXX, or
String s=”hex=”+Long.toString(123.12);
Regex include \d,\w (word), \s, + (one or more), * (zero or more), ? (zero or one)
To tokenize use String.split(s) where s is a String.

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